June 30, 2022

Manufacturing Clothing in Mexico

With the textile industry in Mexico set to have another year of accelerated growth, manufacturing clothing in Mexico makes a lot of sense for forward thinking apparel brands that want to establish a great working relationship with a Mexican supplier. The combination of the IMMEX program, the USMCA trade deal as well as Mexico’s rich history of quality textile manufacturing makes it an exciting prospect for the future as the world starts to look outside of China for outsourced manufacturing, and companies that have the foresight to get involved early will find themselves with the right contacts and relationships to easily outpace their competition. With countless factories to choose from and an increasingly diverse textile industry, it’s important to find the right partnership for you, and it’s our hope that this short article will help that process by giving you a brief overview of the industry as a whole.

Textiles in Mexico have a long and storied history. The production of cloth and fibers has been traced as far back as 1400BCE, when pre-hispanic natives would weave fibers from the yucca and palm trees on traditional backstrap looms. When the Spanish arrived they brought with them wool, silk and eventually the looms to spin them, and as time wore on Mexico became one of the largest producers of wool and silk cloth of the era. Much of the production of these products was concentrated in the north-eastern and central regions of the country, which to this day remains the hub for much of the country’s textile production. Though in the modern era the Mexican textile industry lost a lot of international ground to its Chinese competitors, the tide is beginning to turn as the cost of labor and raw materials in China climbs, driving up the overall cost of production.

This historical context is important for a number of reasons. When considering a move from China, it’s important that businesses can feel assured that their products are being manufactured competently. With such a rich history of textile manufacturing, businesses can be assured that whatever their needs are, the skills and processes required to meet them have been in the country for generations. Thanks also to the partnerships developed with some of the largest industries in North America, they can also be assured that the country has access to the cutting edge of manufacturing technology and processes.

Another good reason to look to Mexico for clothing manufacture is the nature of the USMCA terms. One major focus of that deal for the textile industry was the “yarn-forward” rule of origin, which cuts duty on apparel or textile items that are produced in the free trade area. When you take the IMMEX programs favorable import terms into account this becomes a much more attractive prospect, as not only do you not need to pay tariffs and import duties to move the materials to Mexico, but if they are processed there the end product is duty free also. With this in mind, one look at the risky process of manufacturing in China and the huge costs and time delays associated with shipping those goods to the US should convince you of the advantages of the Mexican market.

While the manufacturing industry in Mexico is diverse and factories are spread evenly across the country, it is still true that certain regions specialize in certain processes and in that area not much has changed historically for the clothing industry. As previously mentioned much of the production is located in the central and northeastern areas, and businesses looking specifically for clothing manufacture should try to concentrate their search around Puebla, Mexico City and the surrounding states as they make up nearly 63% of the country’s production. While you absolutely can find great manufacturing partners elsewhere, these regions certainly have the processes and the workforce required to offer you the highest quality clothing, particularly if your products require a more technical, detailed approach. With experience in synthetic fibers, leather detailing, polyester dyes as well as industrial fibers catering for the aerospace and automotive industries the clothing manufacturing industry hasn’t been about simple cut-and-sew for a long time.

If you’re excited about manufacturing in Mexico and are interested in getting started outsourcing to a country with such a strong textile heritage, then you’re in the right place. At Zipfox we’ve worked hard to provide you with a robust platform that makes the entire process of outsourcing simple from start to finish. Why not click below to browse our hand-picked selection of Mexican manufacturers and kickstart your products growth today?

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