ClickCease Zipfox | OVAL - Junior Toilet Paper Dispenser (white color)

Junior Toilet Paper Dispenser (white color)

Sold by OVAL
  • High quality, durable, and elegant design
  • Universal junior toilet paper dispenser
  • ABS material
Minimum order: 120 Units
In stock: Yes - limited quantities in stock
Able to customize: No
Monthly capacity: 10,000 Units
Size options: Jumbo, Junior
Estimated delivery: Jun 14, 2023


This toilet paper dispenser works with any brand of universal junior toilet paper up to 3.9 inch wide and up to 984.25 ft long, either double or single sheet. The cover is semi transparent, which allows you to see when it’s necessary to change the paper roll and has a rough finish that prevents scratches and marks, maintaining an aesthetic and practical design.

It has a lock in the center of the dispenser and uses a key to open it, making it very safe, includes with two keys.

It is a dispenser with excellent resistance to impact, made of heavy duty / industrial ABS plastic. The design and material makes it ideal for high traffic and public restrooms.

It also includes the necessary screws and anchors for an easy installation.