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Double Glazed Glass

  • The highest acoustic and thermal efficiency
  • Saves energy because of the low index of thermal conductivity
  • Can be manufactured in different colors and thicknesses
Minimum order: 10 Kilograms
In stock: No - will produce when ordered
Able to customize: Yes
Monthly capacity: 180,000 Kilograms
Estimated delivery: Apr 19, 2023


Vidrio Bisel is a company that processes crystals of the highest quality, fully adapted to specific needs for monumental, commercial or residential architectural projects.

Aware of the constant evolution experienced by the construction industry in terms of architectural materials and styles, since our beginnings in 1990 and up to the present day, we have kept innovating and perfecting techniques for the processing and transformation of glass, which allow us to offer the market a wide updated range of value-added solutions.

There are no impossible things, everything depends on the glass with which you look. In Glass Bisel we believe so. Get to know us and let us make your great architectural projects possible.

Units formed by the combination of 2 or more glasses joined by a perimeter-sealed spacer, either made of silicone or polysulfide, thereby creating a hermetic insulating chamber inside, which can be filled with air or inert gas. These units can be manufactured with the combination of annealed, tempered or laminated glass of different colors and thicknesses, to achieve the highest acoustic and thermal efficiency required. It is the most efficient product to save energy, thanks to the combination of properties of its components and the low index of Thermal conductivity.

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