ClickCease Temper-Pro Glass
Temper-Pro Glass
Temper-Pro Glass

Temper-Pro Glass

Temper-Pro Glass
Temper-Pro Glass
  • High resistance to impacts
  • With rounded and harmless edges
  • Different colors, finishes, processes, thicknesses, and measures
Minimum order: 20,000 Kilograms
In stock: No - will produce when ordered
Able to customize: Yes
Monthly capacity: 150,000 Units
Estimated delivery: Apr 5, 2024


The safety of Temper-Pro glass ® is due to its high resistance to impacts and the way in which its fracture is manifested, which in case of manifesting itself is presented in small fragments with rounded and harmless edges, this, unlike the common crystals that break into large, sharp and very dangerous fragments.

This glass is used for public and private developments that are of considerable size or require additional resistance, such as suspended facades, access doors, railings, stairs, bathroom gates, furniture, divisions, display shelves, and many other applications where additional security or protection is specified.

Temper-Pro ® can be rolled and assembled into frames for increased impact resistance. But once it is tempered, it cannot be cut, drilled, polished, grinded or processed with any factor that weakens its surface. It is endorsed by the Technical Building Code (CTE). Having a resistance about four times greater than annealed glass of the same thickness and measurement.