ClickCease Color-Deco Glass

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Color-Deco Glass

Color-Deco Glass


  • Ceramic paint integrated into tempering technology
  • High-security element, can be laminated and assembled into frames for greater impact resistance
  • Different sizes and thicknesses. Basic colors such as white, black, red, and chocolate

Minimum Order: 20000 Kilograms

Average Lead Time: 30 days Includes production time only. Shipping time is additional, and varies based on location and shipping method.

Sold By:

Pesqueria N.L, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 20000
  • Monthly Capacity: 150000 Units
  • Product in stock and ready to ship today?: No will produce when ordered
  • Customizable?: Yes

Prodiesa produces Color-Deco glass in different sizes ranging from 1.80 x 2.60 to 2.60 x 3.60 meters, in basic colors such as White, Black, Red, and Chocolate. <br /> It&#039;s manufactured in thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 6mm thick or 10mm thick with measures of 2.13 x 1.65 meters.<br /> <br /> Is recommended in facades of buildings, hotels, casinos, airports, museums, and housing developments, also as a wall tapestry or &quot;backsplash&quot; in kitchens, where cleanliness, security, and visual order are indispensable.<br /> <br /> Color-Deco Exterior &reg;<br /> Thanks to its ceramic paint, it is integrated into tempering technology, obtaining a product that in addition to updating spaces, is also a high security element used by architects in facades and curtain walls of important buildings. It can be laminated and assembled into frames for greater impact resistance. Although this, once tempered, can not be modified, cut, drilled, polished or processed with any factor that weakens its surface.<br /> <br /> Color-Deco Interior &reg;<br /> This product is manufactured from acrylic paint and does not carry the tempering process, which allows it to be cut, grinded, drilled, beveled, and edged. As an additional option, a layer of CATII Safety Tape can be attached to the back of the glass. Once the piece is adhered, it can&#039;t be modified.

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