ClickCease Zipfox | PIO RUIZ - DACARYS Travel Case- Brown Color with texture

DACARYS Travel Case- Brown Color with texture

Sold by PIO RUIZ
  • Its size is ideal
  • Its very safe handle
  • 100% genuine leather
Minimum order: 1 Units
In stock: Yes - limited quantities in stock
Able to customize: Yes
Monthly capacity: 80,000 Units
Estimated delivery: Apr 12, 2023


PIO RUIZ® With our DACARYS travel case you will take everything with you wherever you go.

✓Its size is ideal. Its very safe handle, its texture makes you fall in love! 100% genuine leather. Choose your favorite color, they are all very durable, very resistant to water.

✓Volumetric capacity of up to 4200 cm3

✓Our products were made by hand, in Guadalajara, in an artisanal way, taking care of every detail and using the best possible products so that you receive only the best.

Measurements: 26 CMS x 15 CMS x 9 CMS

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