ClickCease Zipfox | PIO RUIZ - Colt Model Leather Keychain- Black Color

Colt Model Leather Keychain- Black Color

Sold by PIO RUIZ
  • 100% Leather
  • Secure and useful for your keys
  • High Quality
Minimum order: 1 Units
In stock: Yes - limited quantities in stock
Able to customize: Yes
Monthly capacity: 90,000 Units
Estimated delivery: Feb 9, 2023


Our Colt leather keychain is a real heartthrob. Ideal for your car key, it offers you comfort and status. Fasten it to the key, then pull, and it saves as a turtle. Then pull the key and start your car. Get out of your car, and clip the keychain to your pants. You will not forget them again anywhere. Nor will they go unnoticed anymore.