ClickCease Compact Paper Towel Dispenser (white color)

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Compact Paper Towel Dispenser (white color)

Compact Paper Towel Dispenser (white color)


  • High quality, durable, and elegant design
  • Universal paper towels dispenser
  • Can store up to 250 paper towels

Minimum Order: 120 Units

Average Lead Time: 2 days Includes production time only. Shipping time is additional, and varies based on location and shipping method.

Sold By:

Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico

  • Size Options: Compact
  • Easy installation: Screws and anchors installation kit included.
  • Heavy duty / industrial Polypropylene plastic: High impact resistant and durable material.
  • Safe and secure: Lock at the top of the dispenser, one key included.
  • Available in white and smoke color: The lid has a slot in the center so you can see when they need to be refilled.
  • Universal: Works with any brand of interfolded paper towels whether they are double or single sheet.
  • Bang for your buck: Low price for excellent quality and durability.
  • Compact: Very convenient for small spaces and can store up to 250 paper towels.
  • High quality and elegant design: Ideal for high traffic and any kind of public restrooms.
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 120
  • Monthly Capacity: 10000 Units
  • Product in stock and ready to ship today?: Yes limited quantities in stock
  • Customizable?: No
  • Environmental Benefits: Recyclable product

This dispenser works with any brand of interfolded paper towels whether they are double or single sheets and it can store up to 250 paper towels, their compact design makes them ideal for small spaces. It is available in white and black colors, the lid has a slot in the center so you can see when they need to be refilled.<br /> <br /> It is a dispenser with excellent resistance to impact, made of heavy-duty/industrial Polypropylene plastic. The design and material make it ideal for high traffic and public restrooms.<br /> <br /> It has a lock in the top of the dispenser and uses a key to open it, making it very safe, it includes one key.<br /> <br /> It includes a kit of dowels and screws for easy installation.

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