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Biodegradable Food Shipping Containers - Disposable Cup

Sold by Bio Elements
  • . Resists high temperatures
  • . Bio Firm packaging
  • They do not lose their shape in contact with hot food
Minimum order: 1,000 Kilograms
In stock: No - will produce when ordered
Able to customize: Yes
Monthly capacity: 900,000 Kilograms
Estimated delivery: Apr 23, 2023


It is a company with a presence in Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Peru dedicated to the manufacture and sale of biodegradable packaging bioproducts, substitutes for plastic since 2014.

Bioproducts are manufactured using BioE-8, a special type of bio-based, renewable and biodegradable resin,

which helps achieve a biodegradation time of just 6 to 20 months, considerably faster than the 400 years that conventional plastic takes.

Bio Prepared Food Containers: Our prepared food containers are an excellent option for food deliveries and private label development in the category of party disposables.

· Alternative product to conventional plastic, with an aesthetic finish, soft to the touch, pleasant to the smell are some of the benefits of the category.

. These bio containers, together with being biodegradable under composting conditions (thermophilic aerobic), landfill (mesophilic anaerobic) and environment (mesophilic aerobic), are not bio toxic, nor toxic by heavy metals,