ClickCease Zipfox | ALBATROS DE MEXICO - 001-2 Cespoflex Sink

001-2 Cespoflex Sink

  • Acquires the figure by assembling its ends
  • Creates a water seal preventing the gases from the sewers from passing through the pipes
  • Quality Management System under ISO 9001:2015
Minimum order: 5,000 Units
In stock: Yes - limited quantities in stock
Able to customize: Yes
Monthly capacity: 750,000 Units
Estimated delivery: Feb 27, 2023


We are a 100% Mexican company, we began operations in 1987 in the area of Manufacture of Plastic Products for the household appliance and hardware industry; more specifically plumber and construction finishers. Using technology in our extrusion, corrugated, thermoforming, plastic injection and metallized processes.

The Cespoflex Sink has a counter that is used for porcelain or pewter sinks. Easy to install!

The MOQ is 20,000 pieces, which can be diversified into various models with a minimum of 5,000 per model.